Grid? No Grid?


The IndyHall Labs dev team is growing and now that the engine is working well, they’re putting some focus on the UI. There’s an argument about using a grid (like Delicious Library does), or something better. Listen in on the debate, and then chime in with your own input!

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  1. Aug. 18, 2008
    5:19 pm
    Philip Ives says:

    I think you can take “SOME” of the ideas off the comcast fan (classic view).
    for files in coverflow view, i always switch back and forth to list view till i come close to what i want.
    I envision a couple ways to filter down to what you want in text or visually.
    so a widget that lets you start typing S
    or pick a genre or other info that filters.
    then the picture views get updated accordingly.
    When you go to a record store (unless browsign is the all-day purpose) you self sort to a genre or new releases or …..
    The same would be true for your dvd library. Also smart metadata helps -> never viewed.
    viewed over 1 year ago.
    Since this is a mac app, you might want to create a screensaver for the covers. But make sure you inculde the text title!

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