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We hope you’ve been enjoying our demo reels, or as we’ve appropriately dubbed them for a movie-library app, our “trailers”. As we approach our final release, we’ve got at least one more trailer to put together, but this one’s going to need your help.

The Youtube clip above makes us happy, as do most movie voiceovers. Think what you’ve got what it takes to be a trailer voiceover actor? Then it’s time to get creative:

Record your best voiceover for our newest Multiplex trailer:

Here’s the base, with no audio, music or anything:

Download the m4v source for your own editing goodness.

Feel free to use the previous video as an example for featureset, We’re scoring on the basis of creative, amusing, and best voiceover voice.

Like to write but don’t have the voice? Got the voice but now creative juices? Find a partner and pair up!

The team’s favorite will be part of the final video, the voiceover credit will be shared in the video, and of course, you’ll get a free copy of the app when it launches. Maybe even a few copies for your friends.

Entries are due by Friday, November 7th, 2008!

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  1. Oct. 30, 2008
    2:19 pm
    Andrea Havens (and I'm actually "Strangest") says:

    Hi Buds -
    Your clips have enthralled me, so I’d be delighted to see whether you’d be equally enamored with my vo expertise! My demos are on the 2nd link above.

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