Multiplex on your TV already!

Bart, using a totally early alpha release version of Multiplex, already has video of it running on his TV! It’s like he read our minds. Multiplex is eventually going to end up on your TV - why else would we be writing it?

Expect it to look at least this cool, if not much, much cooler.

Voiceover Contest - Be a part of our next trailer!

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We hope you’ve been enjoying our demo reels, or as we’ve appropriately dubbed them for a movie-library app, our “trailers”. As we approach our final release, we’ve got at least one more trailer to put together, but this one’s going to need your help.

The Youtube clip above makes us happy, as do most movie voiceovers. Think what you’ve got what it takes to be a trailer voiceover actor? Then it’s time to get creative:

Record your best voiceover for our newest Multiplex trailer:

Here’s the base, with no audio, music or anything:

Download the m4v source for your own editing goodness.

Feel free to use the previous video as an example for featureset, We’re scoring on the basis of creative, amusing, and best voiceover voice.

Like to write but don’t have the voice? Got the voice but now creative juices? Find a partner and pair up!

The team’s favorite will be part of the final video, the voiceover credit will be shared in the video, and of course, you’ll get a free copy of the app when it launches. Maybe even a few copies for your friends.

Entries are due by Friday, November 7th, 2008!

Multiplex Trailer - Redux

Our second trailer.  Private betas are going out soon, public betas are coming out by mid-November (probably much sooner!)

Check out a better quality QuickTime version of the trailer at or download it here.

Cue up for a ticket to the Multiplex Private Beta


It’s just days away…the first beta copies of Multiplex will find their way into the hands of some loving testers. Could you be one of them? This Wednesday, you’ll find out.

Leave a comment on this page, being sure to include an accurate email (we’re the only people who will see them). Tell us why you want to be a private beta tester, and we’ll add you to the list.

It also never hurts to follow our new twitter account for updates. We might just DM you fancy stuff.

P.S. if you’ve got a webcam, we REALLY like video comments.

First Videos of Multiplex

Did we mention it’s called “Multiplex” yet?  It is.  But that’s not the hotness.  The video below, showing the library and our insta-filtering, that’s the hotness.  But it is just the tip of the iceberg.  This thing has a rock-solid code base and the engine is all but a beautiful piece of art.

Just to make sure we’re sharing the “beauty”, however, we’re making the UI (User Interface) something to behold as well.  Check out the video - it’s all real, live data, no fakery!

Comments welcome!!

More Mezzanine UI Demos

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The crack team working on Mezzanine has been playing with the UI concepts now that the engine is more or less done, and are closing in on something really, really special. We wanted to give the IndyHall labs readers something to salivate over. Check out what Jason Tremblay has been cooking up:

And if that wasn’t enough, check out the latest concept video (complete with appropriate soundtracking and our new IndyHall intro video).


Hi all, Dave here.  Thought I’d drop a couple of tidbits of information your way!

First, our ripped DVD “library” application has a new name thanks to the voting of IndyHall members and friends.  The new name is… wait for it…. “Mezzanine.”  I apologize in advance if you don’t like it.

Secondly, I thought I’d show you some of the UI work we’re doing for Mezzanine.  The UI will be partially 3D accelerated and just look really pretty on your Mac.  We just started on the UI today - check out the movie below and look at what we’ve accomplished in one day!

(Note: imagine the red boxes are DVD box covers.)

Hope you enjoy, and leave comments if you have any!

Grid? No Grid?


The IndyHall Labs dev team is growing and now that the engine is working well, they’re putting some focus on the UI. There’s an argument about using a grid (like Delicious Library does), or something better. Listen in on the debate, and then chime in with your own input!

Barcodes make the Jasons go CrazyCrazy

Jason Allum and Jason Tremblay brainstorm over some issues with their iSight barcode reader.

“It looks really smart, right?”

Just one week of ideas on the new labs’ whiteboards. Holy moly.