MacUpdate Promo Bundle: Guess the final count!

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For the last week and a half, we’ve had the honor of having one of our apps included in the MacUpdate Spring Bundle 2009. Multiplex has been selling along side other apps like Parallels, Tech Tools Pro, DVDRemaster Pro, RipIt, Moneywell, Posterino, and others.

As I wrote in a post on my personal blog, the entire experience has been a lot of fun and a great learning experience for the IndyHall Labs team. Nate, Misha, and Chad at MacUpdate have been great to work with, and we look forward to opportunities to do this again.

This afternoon, the bundle sales passed 34,000 sold. With a little over 3 days left, we’re making some of our own predictions on what mark we’ll hit when the timer says zero.

Want to get in on the fun?

We’ll do it “Price is Right” style: the closest guess without going over wins!

What do you win, you ask? Let’s call it the IndyHall Labs Lifetime License. In short, you win one free copy of every IndyHall Labs app. At this point, that’s Multiplex & Twistori Desktop but we’re FAR from done! We’ll even let you gift to a friend if you’ve already got a copy. Not only that, but you”l get a free copy of EVERY app we ever produce from now until the end of time!

So place your bets, and spread the word!

DealTime: Multiplex joins 10 other incredible apps in MacUpdate’s 2009 Spring Bundle!

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We’re excited to announce one of our first major partnerships to bring you not just a great deal on some of our software, but on some great software from across the Mac software universe!

Thanks to the awesome folks at, we’re joining 10 other software developers in sharing an INCREDIBLE deal and bundling Multiplex alongside their apps, available to you for less than 10% of the normal price, but only for the next TWO WEEKS.

This bundle, being sold through, also includes titles like MoneyWell, Posterino, and the wildly celebrated Parallels (you know, that thing that lets you run Windows INSIDE of Mac OS X)!

Well over $500 in software in total, for a short time, costs you only $49.99.

Why buy this bundle? We’ve thought of a couple of reasons for you:

1) To justify finally snagging a copy of Multiplex to manage your DVD collection: Your significant other put the kibosh on it before, but now you can use MoneyWell to show her how good you’ve been at saving money instead of splurging on pizza and video games.

2) Fresh gear for your Applications folder: This bundle is full of apps for all occasions! From OS Virtualization (need to test in IE6 or run QuickBooks for Windows?), to designing postcards and picture frames for your relatives, to having some hard drive diagnostics and repair software on hand for “uh oh” moments, to blowing off some steam (by killing space monsters)!

3) Gift season is coming up! Ok…so the holidays are still a few months off, but there’s nothing wrong with Christmas in May! Go ahead and give this bundle as a gift. We PROMISE you that the Mac Nerd you love will love you back….

So go ahead, act now (while supplies last), and help us spread the word about this great deal by sharing THIS LINK:

We thank you kindly, honestly, and deeply from our hearts for supporting our endeavors in bringing finely crafted Mac software to your desktop.

Team Multiplex: Dave, Jason, Johnny, Jason, and Alex