The lengths we go to

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Because Mezzanine is meant to be able to deal with gigabytes and terabytes of data, we’ve been using an array of 500G and 1TB drives to store movies and test data.  We swap those drives in and out using a handy little utility.

It allows us to swap drives in and out in an instant and is pretty sweet.  Problem is, one of them came with a faulty switch, which along with our buddy Far, Jason and I attempt to fix.  Sometimes, people-fingers can be a little too big for the job.  How many developers does it take to fix a push-button??

More Mezzanine UI Demos

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The crack team working on Mezzanine has been playing with the UI concepts now that the engine is more or less done, and are closing in on something really, really special. We wanted to give the IndyHall labs readers something to salivate over. Check out what Jason Tremblay has been cooking up:

And if that wasn’t enough, check out the latest concept video (complete with appropriate soundtracking and our new IndyHall intro video).