IndyHall Labs team is going to WWDC09!

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We’re excited that the entire Multiplex team, as well as a number of other IndyHall labs members and local cocoa developers will be flying together to represent the Philly Mac developer contingent! We’ll be in San Francisco from June 6 through June 13th, so be sure to look out for a bunch of peeps wearing t-shirts with IndyHall Labs product icons on the front. If you get us all standing side by side, we’ll look just like your dock!

If you grab us, we might even have a free copy of one of our products for you…so come say hi!

Multiplex goes 1.0!

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Multiplex is the longest-running IndyHall labs project, and in many ways was the inaugural project built under the latest iteration of IndyHall Labs as a concept.

The project began back in August of 2007, and at the time was named “Mezzanine”. Since then it’s gone though lots more than a name change. Lead developer David Martorana, along with Jason Allum, Johnny Bilotta, and Jason Tremblay have forged something incredible from this app. The team has broken down barriers both visually and technologically, and created something that we think is really exciting. We’re not the only ones who think so!! We’re excited to announce that just one month before the big Apple Developer Conference in San Francisco, we’re releasing Multiplex as a 1.0 featured product!

All of our 1.0 milestones have been achieved, and some extras have come in along the way.

For the next couple of weeks, we’re going to keep the introductory price of $24.99 as a courtesy to our beta testers and friends around the world. On May 15th, our normal sale price will begin, and Multiplex will sell for $35.

Go grab a copy today
and start experiencing your movie collection in a whole new way!